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SmartScope® ZIP® systems offer superior optical performance and a range of machine travels to deliver reliable performance. Available in two model families, SmartScope ZIP features the proven performance of AccuCentric® autocompensating 7:1 zoom optics. Multiple illumination sources – including monochromatic substage LED profile, white LED TTL surface, SmartRing™ white LED ring light, and optional VuLight™ oblique illuminator – are available to illuminate your toughest measurement challenges.

SmartScope ZIP systems are available in a range of XYZ measurement volumes, from 250 x 150 x 200 mm to 800 x 820 x 300 mm.

All ZIP models excel at video measurement and multisensor versatility for the highest productivity. Standard ZIP models are configured for the toughest applications. Lite models provide ZIP benefits in value configurations.

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Automatically Compensate Magnification for Each Zoom Position AccuCentric® motorized zoom
Multiple Angles of Incidence for Full Part CoverageAll LED illumination including backlight, ring light, and coaxial surface light
Efficient, Accurate MeasurementsAbility to combine optical, laser and tactile sensor
Ability to Bring Mirror-Polished and Transparent Parts into FocusOptional grid projector
3D CapabilityZONE3 metrology software allows for 3D and CAD-based measurement with all sensors