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Dalau Flouropolymer Products

High-Accuracy Multisensor Measurement With SmartScope® Flash™ 302

About the company

Dalau Ltd is one of the largest fluoropolymer manufacturers in the UK, exporting over 11 million components to 35 countries annually. The company works across industries including electronics, engineering, aerospace, and medical, ensuring the highest quality components for their customers.

The Challenge

Dalau Ltd invested in a SmartScope Flash 302 metrology system from OGP® UK. This has allowed them to accurately and consistently measure smaller and more complex components to enhance their manufacturing and inspection processes.

Constantly investing in the latest technology, with quality at the forefront of everything they produce, Dalau needed to ensure that the parts
they manufacture are of high accuracy, consistency, and traceability. When looking to upgrade older machines to the latest technology, they contacted OGP UK to explore their multisensor measurement options.

“Quality is the most important thing for us, it’s what we sell our name on. We found that mechanical measurement was a problem because it had a human error factor. We were making micro-components and we needed a machine that could get down to those measurements, and still remain accurate and consistent.”  David Sage, Managing Director of Dalau Ltd.

The OGP Solution

Dalau invested in a SmartScope Flash 302 metrology system to measure smaller and more complex components accurately and consistently.

The Flash 302 is a unique high-capacity benchtop multisensor measurement system that offers precision optics, flexible illumination, and multisensor versatility to quickly, accurately, and efficiently inspect complex components.

Sage commented, “You can measure any specifications without having the contact, and fit different probes on it, which makes it very useful as inspection equipment. That is why we went looking for the OGP’s.”

The Results

Investing in a multisensor metrology system from OGP UK has allowed Dalau to enhance their manufacturing processes and upgrade their old machines to the latest technologies. Dalau is now able to ensure speed, accuracy, and traceability when measuring micro and complex components.

David Sage said, “We manufacture a very complex medical component – a blood clot filter which has 19 holes with a 0.2mm diameter each within a 4.5mm diameter component.  Having the accuracy of the Flash 302 is vital so we can measure components really carefully and even take photos of the surface quality. We are able to measure detailed surface areas and look at our measurement data in a much more analytical way.

The OGP is brilliant. You can set the filters up in batches on the OGP and it measures everything. The service from the OGP UK has been brilliant, we can’t fault it.”