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Torus Technology Group

Versatility, affordability, capability – OGP takes Torus Group’s metrology to another level

About the company

Torus Technology Group is a global engineering group consisting of Torus Measurement Systems, Torus Automation, Torus Manufacturing, Torus Americas, Torus Asia and Torus Brasil.

Torus provides custom designed automated inspection and testing systems enabling clients to control high speed processes, reduce costs and maintain quality in demanding environments.

Versatility, affordability, capability – OGP takes Torus Group’s metrology to another level

In incredibly competitive industries such as aerospace, medical and packaging, customers want instant results – but they also need results they can rely on.

The Torus Group, a bespoke metrology company providing automated metrology solutions for internationally renowned names like Coca-Cola, Rolls-Royce and GlaxoSmithKline, understand that implicitly.

Dean Richardson, Torus Group

Dean Richardson, an Inspection Services Engineer at Telford-based Torus, said: “Our customers expect a quick turnaround – their biggest issue is ‘how quickly can we get these results back?’

“For us it’s about the quality. We need to be able to provide the customer with results we’re confident in.”

When a loyal client came forward with a metrology challenge that Torus could not resolve using its previous methods, it knew something had to change.

The group turned to world-leading multisensor measurement equipment provided by OGP UK, whose SmartScope systems employ optimum-performance sensors and probes to complete the work of traditional co-ordinate measuring machines, as well as laser scanners and profile projectors, with no compromise on quality.

From a single reference point the technology is able to collect detailed data and gauge the characteristics of even the most demanding components and features, and it does so faster and more reliably than anything else in the marketplace.

Owing to its versatility and affordability, an OGP CNC 500 was the perfect solution for the Torus Group. Designed for use on the production shop floor, its advanced and automated multisensor capabilities guarantee both speed and the highest levels of measurement accuracy, contributing directly to a higher throughput.

Mr. Richardson said: “The major factor for us was that one of our long-standing customers had a very specific issue where with our previous equipment we could not access a part feature. The lighting just wasn’t good enough. The OGP in terms of the balance between speed and the lighting capabilities was perfect for that solution – it’s been a good purchase and has proven that it was the right one.

“The hardware is absolutely fantastic. We struggled with our previous equipment in the sense that we would occasionally have to go back and re-set a part of the program, but that’s not something we’ve ever had to do with the OGP.

“In a shop-floor scenario it does the same program day in, day out without fail and that gives us confidence. Also, working the way we do and charging our customers by an hourly rate, it enables us to give a better quote which is positive for them. They know exactly what they’re paying.

“We’re now able to offer a more complete measurement solution for our customers. It allows them to have more confidence in us, meaning they’re more likely to come back to us, and it also means that for our reputation it’s very positive because our customers will spread the word of Torus around.”

Thanks to OGP UK’s dedicated, factory-trained and accredited service team and a second-to-none approach to customer service, reflected in the firm’s ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, the transition for the Torus Group has been a smooth one.

Mr. Richardson added: “The on-site training we had was very good. It was very detailed, well thought-out and the customer support is fantastic. The response time’s generally very good and OGP will almost preempt any issues you may have during a conversation – it’s very impressive.

“The engineers are always very well presented, polite, approachable and knowledgeable. Any questions we have about the hardware they’re happy to answer and they nearly always know the answer.”

Mr. Richardson said: “I would recommend OGP and the SmartScope CNC 500. The equipment is very good, fast and reliable and the service OGP has offered has been fantastic.”