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Trust Precision Engineering

Faster and More Accurate Measurements With SmartScope® Flash™ 200

About the company

Trust Precision Engineering is a specialist in CNC sliding head manufacturing, with eleven machines running 24 hours a day. They primarily work across the motorsport, medical, and aerospace industries, providing the highest quality components for their customers.

The Challenge

Trust Precision Engineering upgraded their OGP® machine from a SmartScope ZIP Lite™ to a SmartScope Flash 200 with ZONE3® metrology software. This has allowed them to measure more complex components faster, more accurately, and more consistently.

With a focus on reputation and a goal of ensuring the highest level of quality for every single component they produce, Trust Precision Engineering needed to verify their parts were accurate, consistent, and full traceable.

Trust Precision Engineering was looking to upgrade their measurement machines to the latest technology to improve their overall inspection process. The company contacted OGP UK to explore their multisensor measurements solutions.

“We have eleven machines on the shop floor that make a lot of parts very quickly. You have to be able to check them, it’s the cornerstone of everything. You need the speed and flexibility. We looked at the price points, performance and software, everything that really mattered about a measurement machine, and it made sense to be working with OGP.”  Stephen Doyle, Sales and Marketing Manager, Trust Precision Engineering

The OGP Solution

Trust Precision Engineering upgraded their OGP multisensor metrology machine from a ZIP Lite machine to a Flash 200, utilizing the ZONE3 software, to allow them to guarantee quality of their components.

The SmartScope Flash 200 is a unique, high-capacity benchtop multisensor measurement system that thrives in challenging manufacturing settings, expertly resisting vibrations, pressure, and noise. Its robust design ensures stability and high accuracy, even in the most strenuous conditions.

ZONE3 metrology software uses CAD models and other innovative features to automatically and effortlessly program measurement routines offline.  The software integrates all sensors and deployment mechanisms ready to use in any order, letting you choose the best measurement tool for every feature of the part.

“We are measuring more accurately and consistently. Having the ZONE3 software means that without tying up a measurement machine, we can program the inspection process on the PC in preparation for production”, said Doyle.

The Result

Investing in a multisensor metrology system from OGP UK has allowed Trust Precision Engineering to enhance their inspection processes to upgrade to the latest multisensor technology and software. Trust Precision is now able to ensure speed, accuracy, and traceability when measuring their components.

Nick Street, Managing Director, Trust Precision Engineering said, “It’s made life so much easier. The repeatability is much better because there is more probing involved and the auto lighting makes a lot of difference. We upgraded to the Flash 200 from a previous OGP machine to have the ZONE3 software which allows us to program inspection processes offline in preparation for the components coming through.

All of our machines are calibrated by OGP UK and serviced every six months. A lot of our customers will come to us for help with parts that they are producing themselves because they trust our inspection over their own. We are seen as a gold standard for inspection.”