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QL-20 Contour Projectors

High Capacity Optical Comparator

Constant Working Distance

Internal Magnification Lenses

LED Lighting
Internal Automatic Edge Detection
XY Travel Standard

15” x 9”

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The QL-20™ Contour Projector® is a precision instrument designed for the shop floor. QL-20 has extensive standard features and a range of options that allow users to configure a system to meet specific measurement needs. QL-20 has an upright and unreversed image, as well as a high load capacity, cast iron, nickel-plated worktable. The QL-20 offers:

Fast and easy measurements – Eye level 24-inch diameter glass screen with 20-inch viewing area and conveniently located DRO

Adjustable for variable intensity light control- Versatile TruLight® LED lighting illumination

Ideal for real world, shop floor environments in a benchtop configuration – High load capacity, nickel-plated worktable easily accommodates large, heavy machined parts and fixtures

Full automation – Optional VidiProbe video measurement and eCAD® virtual chart gage systems

Technical Data

XY Travel


15” x 9”


15” x 10”, 18” x 9”, 18” x 10”




Profile Light


Coaxial Light


24” diameter ground glass screen, with 20″ viewing area, integral hood, 90° centerlines and clips for mounting standard overlay charts.



Motorized, heavy-duty nickel-clad cast-iron with dovetail slot


±7.5° helix angle range

Options and Accessories