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Allows users to both acquire and evaluate scan data in a single software package

ShapeGrabber SGCapture is a plug-in for SmartProfile that allows users to both acquire and evaluate scan data in a single software package. SmartProfile is the preferred solution for tolerance evaluation of 3D scanner data. The software’s proprietary algorithms minimize the measurement uncertainty of the scanner data and produce CMM-like data sets. SGCapture also offers:

Automated Routines – Users can easily create automated inspection routines, for fast and repeatable part measurement. Automated routines cover the entire scanning process, from data acquisition to final inspection report generation.

Intuitive Features – Align data sets from multiple scan sessions, achieving more complete part coverage. Generate meshes for third party applications, such as reverse engineering. Directly control scanner properties for optimal part scanning.

CMM-like Sampler – The ‘CMM-like Sampler’ converts dense and noisy scan data to reliable, sparse, ’CMM-like’ point data for standard based dimensional and GD&T evaluation. This tool is feature and CAD model based, and samples points using the CAD model’s geometry information.
CMM-like Sampler

Boost – Boost is a fully automatic method used to eliminate systematic measurement errors and achieve more accurate results from fast 3D scanning through software rather than slow and often expensive measurement systems. Boost is part and method specific, based on the comparison of measurements from the same part on the 3D scanner and a reference machine. This provides a dynamic compensation that maps the accuracy of the reference machine to the data from the 3D scanner.

SGCapture supports all ShapeGrabber models
Scan Registration - Combine multiple scan sets for more complete part coverage. Precisely align multiple scans using a simple point-picking system. Automate the scan set alignment for subsequent part processing.

Scan Polygonization - Generate meshes from point clouds. Export as STL files for use in third party applications.
Program Library for 1-Click Inspection