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Virtual Charts Direct From CAD

eCAD® is a new electronic overlay chart package consisting of software and internal comparator hardware that allows a CAD model to be used to project a profile tolerance band onto the comparator screen thereby:

•Preventing the painstaking process of creating accurate overlay templates
•Averting the high dollar cost of manufacturing overlay templates
•Stopping the loss of accuracy of a physical overlay as compared to the original native CAD file
•Ending the need for the proper storage of many overlay templates
•Ceasing certification of and recertification of overlay templates
•Preventing the downtime associated with having physical overlay templates created from original CAD files
•Avoiding the frequent cost of a design change thereby necessitating the creation of a new overlay template

Easily see all critical areas of the part as eCAD allows the digital CAD file on the screen to follow the movements of the measuring stage. Move the worktable and eCAD will project multiple color bands to show if the part is in or out of tolerance. Change the magnification and the eCAD image will automatically update and track the magnification change.