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SNAP 350

Floor Model Large Field of View Video Measuring Machine with Large Capacity XY Stage

Telecentric Optics

Ensure accurate part measurements in shop conditions


Easily recognize any known parts in the field of view

Maximum Measuring Range (mm) Standard

450 x 450 mm

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SNAP™ 350 is a floor-based unit equipped with a Large FOV Telecentric lens and a motorized stage with a large 450 x 450 mm measuring area. Dual-Mag optics increase capability by providing a much larger magnification range, even within a program.
Measure-X™ metrology software supports simple “walk up and measure” use, comparison to an electronic overlay, creation and running of automatic programs, including complex measurements and GD&T. AutoID limits operator requirements.

  • Large FOV, telecentric dual magnification optics
  • Collimated back-light, programmable ring light, and coaxial surface light
  • Motorized axes with up to 610 x 450 mm measuring range
  • Measure-X Metrology Software
  • Optional ZONE3 Metrology Software

Technical Data

Maximum Measuring Range (mm)


450 x 450 mm


Extended X-axis, 610



Telecentric, dual optical magnification with 100 mm low mag field of view and 4X high magnification lens


10X high mag lens in liew of 4X lens


All LED monochromatic substage profile light, programmable 8 sector ring light, and coaxial through-the-lens surface light.

Sensors & Accessories

Rotary Indexers


OGP SNAP Product Explainer Video
OGP SNAP Demo Video