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Sets the standard for fully automatic 3-axis measurement performance

SprintMVP™ – Programmable Multi-Sensor Video Metrology System – Utilizing a 6.5:1 motorized, programmable zoom lens allows the user to focus at the optimum magnification. High speed, high accuracy stage on an all granite platform for thermal stability. Multi-sensor options include touch probe and dock, for hidden features, and DRS scanning lasers, for features requiring higher point densities. Measure-X software provides powerful programming capability for all sensors, and an easy to use operator interface, making the SprintMVP a great value with the capability to measure a very broad range of parts.

Versatile – Optimize mag for the measurementMotorized zoom lens with 6.5:1 ratio
Engineered for video edge detection metrologyHigh-resolution color camera
Create the optimum image contrast for video measurementGreen LED illumination for backlight, white coaxial surface light and programmable 7 sector / 6 ring VectorLight™
Generous clearance for parts and fixturesWorking distance of 62 mm (2.44") with standard configuration
Speed, accuracy, durabilityPrecision transports with a granite platform