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More accurate and efficient multisensor measurements for UK-based precision stamping and press tool manufacturing company

About the company

Brandauer is a precision stamping and press tool manufacturing company that produces over one billion parts every year, supplied to twenty-six different countries across ten sectors including plumbing, automotive, and telecommunications.

The Challenge

Brandauer has invested in a range of OGP® multisensor metrology machines which has allowed them to measure more complex components faster, more accurately, and more consistently. OGP UK provides best-in-class multisensor measurement systems combining optics, lasers, rotaries and probes for unrivalled performance in the quality control of manufactured parts and components.

As one of the largest contract precision stamping companies in Europe, Brandauer needed to ensure they had a reliable inspection department that could produce fast, accurate, and repeatable measurements to meet the demands of their clients.

Brandauer was looking to upgrade from traditional measurement methods, including callipers and optical comparators, to the latest measurement technologies to improve their overall inspection process. The company put a challenge out to the market to see which technology could best measure their latest component.

Rowan Crozier MBE, CEO of Brandauer explains, “We essentially threw the challenge out there to a number of companies, OGP being one, to do a power pitch of how they would best measure our component and give us repeatable results. Shining through as the right solution was the SmartScope® Quest™ 300, which became the first machine that we procured from OGP UK. It not only enabled us to measure this new component, but it also had the capability to measure lots of different parts as well.”

The OGP Solution

Brandauer has invested in a range of OGP multisensor metrology machines, including a SNAP™, a SprintMVP™, a SmartScope Quest 250, and a SmartScope SP system. Most recently, Brandauer invested in a SmartScope Quest 300 multisensor metrology system to allow them to measure more complex and intricate components faster, more accurately, and more consistently than ever before.

Crozier explained, “We have embraced the range of machines supplied by OGP UK. They make sure the parts are good, the measurements are repeatable, but it also makes sure the measurements are efficient. When you are controlling components to really tight tolerances, that repeatability is really important.”

Adam Burgoyne, Operations Lead at Brandauer reported, “The good thing with the OGP Quest systems is that we don’t just have the optics and lasers but we have a touch probe added on as well to get down the side of stacks and measure the surface profiles of components that we didn’t have access to previously without buying a whole new machine.”

The Results

Investing in multiple multisensor metrology systems from OGP not only allowed Brandauer to enhance their inspection processes, but has also helped to win new business by giving their customers confidence in the parts they are producing.

Crozier concluded, “We are now able to work much more collaboratively to develop bespoke solutions for our customers. We have actually been able to introduce OGP to some of our customers who have invested in the same measurement machines to validate the components and our processes when they receive our parts. It proves the repeatability of our work.

I would encourage other businesses to throw a challenge they have out to OGP UK to respond to, the results will speak for themselves. I have no hesitation to recommend OGP to other precision engineering businesses and we’ll continue to utilize our multisensor metrology machines as we continue to grow.”