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ShapeGrabber Ai620

Precision Automated 3D Laser Scanner

Automated Inspection

Vertical motion and a 360° rotary table for complete surface inspection

Multiple Scan Angles

Optional 25° tilt mechanism for faster more complete part coverage without part reorientation

Max Scan Volume (mm) Standard

600 L x 185 Ø with SG198 Scanhead

ShapeGrabber Ai620 3D scanner is a precision, metrology-class 3D scanner. Ai620 measures the complete surface of complex shaped plastic, metal, and 3D printed parts in minutes with a high density of data points.

Ai620 is easy to use and highly automated. After an initial scan, the same scanning parameters may be used for subsequent parts, delivering consistent results irrespective of operator skill or experience. There is no need to write special code. ShapeGrabber Ai620 offers:

Faster Speed – When used at its maximum scan volume, the sg198 scanhead measures data at 155,000 points per second. For parts that do not require the full scan volume, the data rate increases to more than 1.5 million pts/s. Optional 25° tilt mechanism for faster, more complete part coverage without part reorientation.

Better Data Quality – The sg198 scanhead features an optical arrangement that draws on OGP’s 75+ years of experience designing optical systems for precision measurement. The sensor optics provide extremely low noise data that far outperforms other 3D scanning technologies.

Higher Resolution – The built-in 5MP imager delivers depth resolution and data densities for the most challenging applications. The combination of such high resolution in a relatively large volume makes the entire process of measuring complex shaped parts faster and easier

Wider Dynamic Range – ShapeGrabber scanheads offer high dynamic range, accurately measuring a wide variety of materials, colors, textures, and finishes without the need for surface treatments. The sg198 scanhead handles the full range – from matte black plastic, to bare metal, to grainy castings and 3D printed parts

ShapeGrabber Ai620
ShapeGrabber Laser Scan
Optional 25° Tilt Mechanism for Faster, More Complete Part Coverage

Technical Data

Max Scan Volume (mm)


600 L x 185 Ø with SG198 Scanhead

Scanning Speed (pts/s)

155,000 – 1,500,000+



ShapeGrabber Ai620
IMTS Spark Non Contact Metrology Software Toolbox