ShapeGrabber Measurement Systems - 3D Laser Scanners

QVI's ShapeGrabber Ai Series automated 3D scanners can bring speed, accuracy, ease-of-use and complete coverage to industrial 3D inspection. Using multiple motion axes, ShapeGrabber laser scanners eliminate the need for software alignment and registration and ensure fast, accurate results. Our automated scanners are ideal for situations in which speed and ease of use are important.

All ShapeGrabber 3D scanners are sold as complete systems that include the appropriate scanhead for your needs. We will help you to select the right 3D scanner and scanhead for your particular scanning application.


ShapeGrabber ai620

The ShapeGrabber Ai620 3D Scanner is a floor-mount system that delivers unprecedented levels of speed, data quality and resolution.


ShapeGrabber ai810

The ShapeGrabber Ai810 automated 3D scanner is ideal for complex shaped parts that vary in size and shape.


ShapeGrabber ai310

The ShapeGrabber Ai310 automated 3D scanner is a benchtop model ideal for small to medium, complex-shaped parts.