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Verus Metrology

A Metrology Match Made in Heaven for the UK Manufacturing Industry

About the company

Since being established back in 2008, Verus Metrology Partners has experienced double-digit annual growth and established a customer base of international stature.

From its headquarters in Sligo, Ireland, and another advanced laboratory in Nottingham, the business designs and manufactures metrology fixtures and performs sub-contract measurement for key clients in medical device manufacturing, consumer goods industries, aerospace, and automotive.

Jon Banner

UK Operations Director Verus Metrology Partners

The Challenge

Critical to Verus’s success has been its long-standing relationship with OGP® UK, a supplier of world-leading multisensor metrology solutions that continue to set a new quality control standard in manufacturing.

Housing superior optical, laser and tactile sensors, OGP systems automatically select the right tools for even the most complex measurement task in one routine, working with speed and absolute precision to eliminate the need for multiple traditional measuring systems.

Jon Banner, UK Operations Director for Verus, said: “We’ve used OGP right from day one and the majority of our key clients also have OGPs. We’ve found that it was a no-brainer – the optics, I believe, are the best in class.”

“With optical measurement, if you can see something you can measure it. We often find that the accuracy can comfortably be sub-micron.”

“We rely on the machines to measure accurately and repeatably every day.”

The OGP Solution

Spanning its two sites, Verus has 5 OGP SmartScope® machines from the Flash™ and ZIP® ranges, using them to provide customers with full metrology fixture and program packages.

Its mission across a team of experienced metrology engineers, tool makers, and design experts is to work with customers to accelerate their next new product introduction.

Mr. Banner said: “We rely on OGP support for the training of our apprentices and less experienced metrology engineers, purely because their expertise is first-class.”

“We also have support contracts with our machines. I know they’re reliable, I’ve no issue with that, but we find that having the official calibration and servicing twice yearly helps to maintain that.”

Collecting detailed data and gauging the characteristics of even the most demanding components and features, and doing so faster and more reliably than anything else around, come as standard with OGP technology.

SmartScope Flash 320 Multisensor Measurement Machine

The story of OGP UK and Verus is one of true partnership – and that relationship was recently made official.

A deal has been announced which will see all bespoke jigs and fixtures for OGP UK supplied by Verus, alongside an agreement for OGP UK to supply V-FIX – Verus’s modular metrology fixture product – for non-bespoke fixturing solutions.

The patented V-FIX is an off-the-shelf product that allows for fast, interchangeable pre-assembled holding of components. It allows users to build multiple modules offline and drop them into the V-FIX4 frame when needed – a perfect solution in the product design and development phase.

Mr. Banner added: “We’re delighted that we’ve recently signed a partnership agreement with OGP UK for the supply of V-FIX. For both parties, it solidifies the relationship that we have had for a number of years.”

“V-FIX was designed predominantly around the OGP capabilities, so it allows light through so that the optics are very easy to use. It also holds the parts firmly so you can actually use touch probes as well, so it’s a full multisensor metrology kit.

The Results

“For Verus Metrology Partners, it is yet another vote of confidence in the excellent metrology jig and fixture services we provide.”

OGP UK Sales Manager Graham Shaw said: “At OGP UK, we have a passion for working with customers on innovative solutions that will help them to make the best products they possibly can, with maximum efficiency.”

“We’ve found that Verus shares many of our values in this regard and that’s one of the reasons our work together has been so positive.”

“We are proud that our partnership has now been formalized and we look forward to passing on the benefits to manufacturers across the length and breadth of the UK.”