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Fixed Optics

Single and dual magnification optics ideal for high speed measurement with high accuracy

Benchmark, Pinnacle and Summit systems may be configured with either the Single Magnification Fixed Lens Optics, or the unique Dual Magnification Optics system. Both of these arrangements offer optical interchangeable front objective lenses to allow the magnification and field of view size to be matched to the features being measured.

The single magnification system is simple and offers an optical resolution that is well matched to the megapixel digital camera with the standard objective lenses. This system is ideal for high-speed measurement of parts with many similar features, for which a single magnification is sufficient.

The dual magnification system utilizes two integral optical paths, each with its own camera. The high magnification path is a 4X multiple of the low magnification, offering an instantaneous zoom capability for higher optical resolution. This system is ideal for measurement of parts where both a wide field of view and high accuracy are desired for different features. The dual magnification system is also ideal for applications requiring the best autofocus performance.

Fixed optics systems offer exclusive technologies such as Area Multi Focus (AMF) and Continuous Image Capture (CIC).

AMF creates a high-resolution 3D data set from a normal autofocus pass, offering a high-throughput alternative to single-point laser surface scanning. An Extended Depth of Field Image (EDFI) can also be simultaneously created to provide an image that is completely in focus through the field of view. AMF and EDFI are available in VMS and ZONE3 metrology software.

CIC synchronized illumination with camera frame acquisition and stage movement to acquire video images non-stop. For components with densely packed features, throughput improvements of 50% to 200% are typical, compared to standard move and measure techniques. CIC is available in VMS and Elements metrology software.

Single magnification system
Dual magnification system
Area Multi Focus (AMF)
Continuous Image Capture (CIC) Stage Motion Path