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Advanced Production Metrology Software

VMS™ is a 2.5D metrology software, with powerful parametric programming and built-in scripting for the creation of custom routines and user interfaces. VMS provides extensive capabilities that allow the software to easily handle difficult lighting conditions, weak edges, and part-to-part variability. VMS metrology software offers:

  • VIEW Edge offers unparalleled flexibility to identify precise edge locations from within a complex scene
  • Blob and Centroid enable flaw detection and feature presence or absence checking, in addition to dimensional measurements and feature centering
  • Area Multi-Focus (AMF) creates a high resolution 3D data set from a normal autofocus pass, offering a high throughput alternative to laser surface scanning
  • Extended Depth of Field Imaging (EDFI) is also done through a normal autofocus pass. This creates a 2D image from a 3D part where all surfaces throughout the pass are in focus
  • Continuous Image Capture (CIC) synchronizes illumination with camera frame acquisition and stage movement to acquire video images while XY stages are in motion
  • Image filters for erosion, dilation, smoothing and contrast provide reliable and accurate edge processing
  • Native Video® processing capability allows saved images to be measured using the same analysis tools as live images
  • Defects and anomalies can be detected on a part based on size, shape, or color. These defects can be classified to determine whether a part has failed based on predefined criteria

VMS is available on OGP Advanced Production Systems.