SGCapture Software

SGCapture is a plug-in for SmartProfile that allows users to both acquire and evaluate scan data in a single software package. SmartProfile is the preferred solution for tolerance evaluation of 3D scanner data. The software’s proprietary algorithms minimize the measurement uncertainty of the scanner data and produce CMM-like data sets.

SGCapture softwareSGCapture software

SGCapture supports all ShapeGrabber models (Ai310, Ai620, Ai810).

ShapeGrabber ai310 ShapeGrabber ai620 ShapeGrabber ai810

Below are (3) unique features of SGCapture that are not available in SGCentral:

  • Scan registration (stitching)
  • Scan polygonization (meshing)
  • An operator interface to launch an automated inspection program with a single click
SGCapture Scan Registration

Scan Registration

SGCapture Scan PolygonizationSGCapture Program Library for 1-Click Inspection
Scan PolygonizationProgram Library for 1-Click Inspection