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Viking Plastics

Injection Molder Enhances Quality Control with ShapeGrabber Scanner

About the company

Founded in 1972, Viking Plastics is a global supplier of engineered, injection-molded, and assembled sealing solutions. An ISO and TS certified company, Viking Plastics develops a variety of caps, sealing solutions and custom molded components.

The Challenge

Viking Plastics needed to further enhance the quality department and the company’s ability to make complex parts.

The OGP Solution

To achieve this goal, Viking Plastics acquired an automated 3D scanner from ShapeGrabber.

The ShapeGrabber Ai310 3D scanner takes a full 360° scan of a part and translates it into a point cloud, which can then be overlaid to CAD. Using a color map, Viking Plastics is able to determine every high or low spot in a part using dimensioning tolerances taken from 2D print or CAD. With this information, the company can create a 3D PDF file that can be sent to the customer to show areas for potential design improvements.

The Results

With the addition of the ShapeGrabber Ai310 scanner, Viking Plastics now has the ability to compare actual measurements to the CAD Model data and then visualize them in a color map. This helps customers better understand the product features, increases the quality of Viking Plastics products, speeds quality
control activities, and reduces costs.