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SmartScope Quest & SmartScope Vantage

High-accuracy system designed to use a variety of sensors for full 3D measurement

SmartScope® Quest™ systems are designed to provide the best performance and the highest accuracy in three-dimensional multisensor measurement. The patented TeleStar® 10:1 zoom lens is completely telecentric and automatically calibrated throughout the zoom range, for distortion-free, high fidelity images. Generous working distances make it easy to measure large parts. Multiple illumination sources, including substage profile light, coaxial surface light, and the SmartRing™ green LED oblique illuminator are standard on all Quest systems.

The combination of sensor tools offered by SmartScope Quest allows complete measurement of complex parts in a single setup to handle the toughest measurement challenges.

Quest branded systems are sold in North America while Vantage systems are found outside North America.

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Highly Accurate Optics for Advanced Metrology ApplicationsFully telecentric and distortion-free 10X zoom lens
Multiple Angles of Incidence for Full Part CoverageAll LED illumination including backlight, right light, and coaxial surface light
Efficient, Accurate MeasurementsAbility to combine optical, laser and tactile sensor
Ability to Bring Mirror-Polished and Transparent Parts into FocusOptional grid projector
3D CapabilityZONE3 metrology software allows for 3D and CAD-based measurement with all sensors
North America
Outside North America